West Bank Barrier (Wall)

West Bank Barrier (Wall) - by "Wall in Palestine" (CC)

I stumbled upon this gem while looking for something else.

Dan Meridor, Israel’s Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy, admitted that the current route of the “security fence” is the ideal eastern border for Israel, in a Haaretz interview yesterday. This is not a relevation, but rather an assumption of many that has been denied by the government time-and-again since the barrier was first erected. It was the route of the barrier that the International Court of Justice ruled was illegal in 2004, calling it, “tantamount to annexation.”¬†Israel has denied this claim, saying the barrier is needed to keep terrorists out. To this, the world asked, “then why don’t you build it on the Green Line?” The official Israeli response has always been that, “the fence is a temporary, defensive measure – not a border.” Until now…

Here is the excerpt:

What should the future border look like?

I haven’t drawn a map, and I don’t know from what percentage of the territory it will be necessary to withdraw. It would also not be right to go into this topic in a newspaper interview. I think the new border has to be based on the principle of the security fence route and the settlement blocs. That is what we have to aspire to.