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Tzipi Livni throws cold water on prospects for peace


Tzipi Livni, the only person in the soon-to-be-formed Israeli government who genuinely believes in the importance of the two-state peace process, splashed cold water on the prospect of it ever happening Tuesday. It’s time to start looking at alternative plans in case a two-state solution with the Palestinians proves impossible, she said.

Speaking at the Herzliya Conference, Livni said for the umpteenth time that the two-state solution is the only acceptable path for Israel.

But, and this is a big but, she admitted that it might not be a realistic goal and that Israel needs “to prepare interim measures or other measures, or unilateral ones that can lessen the damage, which can reduce the pressure a little.”

When those politicians who have dedicated much of their careers to advancing the peace process begin to express doubts about the viability of their own project, anyone who believes in those leaders and their political programs should be worried.

Former settler leader Dany Dayan drove the sentiment home, assuredly saying that (more…)

Are settlers protecting leftist NGOs?


Two draconian clauses were removed from a controversial law requiring added transparency in the funding of NGOs mere hours before the bill passed its final readings in the Knesset on Monday. The reason? Pressure from an unexpected group: settler organizations.

MK David Rotem (Israel Beiteinu) – one of the bill’s most fervent supporters – announced Monday that he was withdrawing two amendments from the bill. The Jerusalem Post reported that he dropped the amendments “at the request of Zionist organizations who told him the amendments would harm them.” So who are these Zionist organizations and why would they be worried by the legislation?

As exposed by The New York Times last year, settler organizations receive a sizable portion of their funding from American charities that enjoy tax-exempt status in the US. Through loopholes and deceptive reporting, (more…)

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