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EU diplomats to Brussels: Put your money where your mouth is


At face value, the European Union heads of mission report on the Israeli settlement enterprise is a scathing indictment and call to action against Israel’s illegal settlement activities. In between the lines, however, the report reflects a frustration by European diplomats and bureaucrats at their own governments’ inaction. They are not implementing the existing legislation, decisions and declarations they themselves regularly make against Israel and its settlements.

The EU’s rhetoric against Israel’s settlement policies has always been damning, but its actions have never lived up to its words.

Read the full report here

“The EU and its member states now face the urgent challenge of translating the observations and recommendations of their own senior diplomats into concrete and effective policies that indeed maintain the possibility of the two-state solution,” a document obtained by +972 stated.

Reflecting the (perhaps naïvely optimistic) sense of a closing window for resolving (more…)

Israeli-Palestinian peace through an EU lens


As regular readers of this blog might have figured out, I have a soft spot for outside-the-box thinking on a resolution to the long-running Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Without rejecting or admitting defeat of the two-state solution, I am a strong advocate of the power of creativity in moving forward a difficult and stalled process. When the same process can’t seem to move forward, it is sometimes necessary to look at the problem from a different angle in order to find the best path to reach your goal. In this case, the goal is sovereign homelands for the Jewish and Palestinian peoples that reflect and protect their national identities.

Yuval Ben-Ami wrote a piece for +972 Magazine Sunday with a creative, albeit impracticable, vision of a resolution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To reach the goals I mentioned above, he draws on the success of the European Union.

In some ways (don’t laugh), Israel and Palestine already resemble many aspects of the EU. We already form an economic and monetary union, and conduct significant trade with one another (albeit extremely lopsidedly). Of course, you’re saying to yourself that the EU has the European Court of Human Rights and (more…)

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