As regular readers may have noticed, Notes From a Conflicted Land has taken a short hiatus in the past few weeks.

Not to worry, regular posts will return in a few days with the new year.

Several themes and developments have gone unreported on Conflicted Land in the past weeks, but will be covered throughout January. Among them are: • A wave of public racism in Israel • The official end of the Obama administration’s 2010 push for a Palestinian-Israeli peace deal • Intensified public outcry against African refugees and asylum seekers in Israel • An increased suppression of non-violent peace activists • More movement away from the framework of two-party negotiations by the Palestinian Authority • A violent escalation between Hamas in Gaza and Israel.

All of these topics and more will be thoroughly discussed in the coming weeks. Once again, we apologize for the lack of content recently.

Until 2011, Happy New Years from Conflicted Land! May the new year bring peace to the region.