Earlier this summer, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon put out an English-language video, which was identical to one released by the Yesha Council (the umbrella organization of West Bank settlements) several months earlier. The widely distributed video argued Israel’s right to hold the West Bank and challenged the Palestinian right to establish a state in it.

Utilizing similar slick graphics, the same Yesha producers recently released a new video arguing that the “demographic demon,” the logic behind former prime minister Ariel Sharon’s personal conversion to a supporter of the two-state solution, is no longer a threat – if it ever was.

The new Yesha video is a direct challenge to that narrative, promoted by nearly every recent Israeli prime minister and peace-oriented organization – that in order to maintain an Israeli state in which Jews are the majority, a two-state solution is necessary.

But aside from the hardly-veiled wish for an ethnically cleaner Israel resulting in a lasting Jewish majority, and complete rejection of the two-state solution, there is one even more troubling question raised by this latest Yesha propaganda video.

Will the Foreign Ministry remake the video in English? Does the Israeli government, as was the case with the previous video, share Yesha’s claims to Palestine as an indistinguishable part of Israel? Does the Foreign Ministry also wish and believe that the Arabs will just go away?

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