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Tzipi Livni throws cold water on prospects for peace


Tzipi Livni, the only person in the soon-to-be-formed Israeli government who genuinely believes in the importance of the two-state peace process, splashed cold water on the prospect of it ever happening Tuesday. It’s time to start looking at alternative plans in case a two-state solution with the Palestinians proves impossible, she said.

Speaking at the Herzliya Conference, Livni said for the umpteenth time that the two-state solution is the only acceptable path for Israel.

But, and this is a big but, she admitted that it might not be a realistic goal and that Israel needs “to prepare interim measures or other measures, or unilateral ones that can lessen the damage, which can reduce the pressure a little.”

When those politicians who have dedicated much of their careers to advancing the peace process begin to express doubts about the viability of their own project, anyone who believes in those leaders and their political programs should be worried.

Former settler leader Dany Dayan drove the sentiment home, assuredly saying that (more…)

‘Down with Oslo’ (and the PA?)


Nearly two decades have passed since the Oslo Accords first gave the world hope for Mideast peace and an end to Israeli rule over the Palestinian territories; in the West Bank, the failed framework for peace talks has become directly associated with the occupation itself. When hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets last week to protest a (subsequently canceled) visit to Ramallah by Israeli Vice Premier Shaul Mofaz, their chants targeted the former IDF chief, but the calls for an end to Oslo were even louder – an indirect attack on President Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority.

Eighteen years after the Palestinian Authority’s creation, some Palestinians are questioning whether the Oslo-designed Palestinian quasi-government, which was only ever meant to exist as a five-year interim body, has outlived its raison d’être of achieving Palestinian independence and ending the occupation through diplomatic channels.

As far as a growing number of people are concerned, the Oslo accords, and their byproduct, the Palestinian Authority, have done little more than act as a political and security buffer for maintaining Israel’s (more…)

What occupation looks like


No words for now.

This is what occupation looks like:
(The video loads slowly, please be patient)

Via Joseph Dana at +972 on Vimeo.

Short hiatus, Happy New Year


As regular readers may have noticed, Notes From a Conflicted Land has taken a short hiatus in the past few weeks.

Not to worry, regular posts will return in a few days with the new year.

Several themes and developments have gone unreported on Conflicted Land in the past weeks, but will be covered throughout January. Among them are: • A wave of public racism in Israel • The official end of the Obama administration’s 2010 push for a Palestinian-Israeli peace deal • Intensified public outcry against African refugees and asylum seekers in Israel • An increased suppression of non-violent peace activists • More movement away from the framework of two-party negotiations by the Palestinian Authority • A violent escalation between Hamas in Gaza and Israel.

All of these topics and more will be thoroughly discussed in the coming weeks. Once again, we apologize for the lack of content recently.

Until 2011, Happy New Years from Conflicted Land! May the new year bring peace to the region.

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